We are all unique just like everyone else

Firstly, if you have put the time into reading this blog, the time of year to start planning ahead, forging on and deleting the dross from your Facebook friends list. A very cleansing and cathartic process, unless like me, you have very few friends in the first place.

Have a look at the picture on the blog and tell me what you see. Curved stripes? A typical formal British garden? Or a couple making love behind the tree. Not really, but you had to have a good squint didn't you?

If the saying is 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' then you see what attracts you. It could be anything. And it is that attraction that should be in our garden, whatever it is individually to ourselves. The point of the title is to offer a different opinion, namely that if something attracts any of our senses, the majority of us will like it.

I say to some customers that generally speaking, men like order and practicality, such as rectangular lawns, straight stripes, and well trimmed hedging. Ladies, who generally enjoy creativity and enhancement of colour, may prefer curved borders and beds, natural contours, striking colour blends and Mr Grey. Sadly, I am Mr Green.

But this is a generalisation; no men and no women are really the same, we are all unique........Or are we?? In my experience as a gardener with many customers gardens visited and attended to, I have found that you can completely change a pre-conceived idea to an alternative, providing it is done with mutual trust, care and respect of the occupants of the particular garden.

Because, we are all humans with five senses. If you can do anything to enhance any or all of them, happiness and success can be achieved. And that's why I do gardening. Have a great 2016.

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