Why Use an Independent Lawn Care Firm?

Taken from our friends at the UK Lawn care Association on the advantages of using an independent lawn care provider, rather than a franchised lawn care firm.

  • Bespoke lawn care programmes tailored to meet your lawn's specific needs – independents have the flexibility over programmes and packages and timing as they answer only to the customer, not a remote head office.

  • Independents can select and apply products best suited to your lawn – independents have freedom to mix and match products according to needs and the season as they are not restricted to selecting products from a predetermined list.

  • Independents are very flexible and extremely responsive to customer needs. They do not operate within strict confines of a contractual franchise agreement.

  • All lawn technicians are fully trained, insured, professionally licensed and experienced within the industry before they take responsibility for a customer’s lawn.

  • The sky's the limit for customer service.  Independents can provide excellent customer service, spend as long as they need on soil analysis and schedule ‘courtesy visits’ as frequently as required without answering to a head office.


Above all else, both of our lawn treatment plans and our lawn mowing service has been designed around getting nothing but the very best from your lawn - we have qualifications and hands-on experience from sports surfaces (Golf Courses), making our lawn care package fantastic value with many happy customers in the South Manchester, Sale, Altrincham, Hale barns and Wimslow areas.

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