Spring Lawns in Sale, Bowdon and Altrincham

Mow, Mow And Mow Again

As the warmer spring weather moves in, you’ll notice that grass growth will increase significantly. Don’t be tempted to cut your lawn if it is wet or covered in snow or frost as this can severely damage the structure of the grass blades. Another way to harm your lawn is mowing it too short, causing the grass to weaken and become susceptible to a weed or moss infestation. To support your lawn’s growth, do embark on a regular mowing practice (usually weekly) and ensure that the mower’s blade settings are fixed between 2.4 – 4cm high.

Good Riddance To Pesky Weeds And Moss

After the cold and wet months, your lawn could be suffering from a moss and/or weed infestation that has overrun your lawn, sapping important nutrients and soil moisture from the grass. A lawn that is well-fed and healthy will be able to defend itself against weeds and moss far better than one that isn’t maintained and nourished properly. So make sure you’re providing it with the correct nutrients.

Moss – In order to successfully remove a moss invasion, it is necessary to first identify the cause of the problem and alleviate this. An example of this would be to trim any overhanging trees that are producing too much shade, causing the moss to thrive.  This will enable you to take the next step and embark on a treatment programme to target the issue and build up the lawn’s resilience against moss with an application of moss control. At Shaw Garden Care, we treat moss with a specially formulated product – completely safe for children and pets – to reduce its strength.

If your moss infestation is severe, the problem can be addressed by scarifying the lawn. Scarification is a method best described as a mechanical raking of the lawn. The process thins out and removes surplus thatch and moss that has developed within the lawn. Extreme layers of thatch can limit movement of water, air, fertiliser and other nutrients which the grass relies on. Springtime scarifying is ideal as this is carried out when the grass is actively growing which allows the lawn time to recover from this thorough and invasive process.

If the primary cause of moss is down to excessive moisture, Shaw Garden Care Expert can carry out a treatment of hollow tine aeration to improve surface drainage. Aeration is a process in which small plugs are taken from the lawn. This method eases compaction and sub-surface thatch that has accumulated in the lawn, allowing water, air, fertiliser and nutrients to penetrate the root zone. Gradually the soil becomes compressed, squeezing together the particles preventing the grass’s ability to grow. Compaction of particles can cause a variety of problems and will increase the risk of the lawn becoming waterlogged or invaded by weeds or moss.

Weeds -  If your lawn is experiencing a weed problem then diagnosis is the first step back to health followed by an appropriate treatment programme. At Shaw Garden Care we find that a single treatment of our exclusive herbicide often reduces the amount of weeds in your lawn by 70%.

We recommend that the opportune time to treat weeds is during April – June when they are actively growing. Hand weeding can be extremely time consuming and highly ineffective. In some cases, such as the dandelion, this can actually make the weed problem more aggressive!

As with moss, a treatment of scarification and/or aeration will encourage the grass to be more robust, making it hard for the weeds to compete. As some weeds are more troublesome than others, a bespoke course of lawn care may be recommended. If you are struggling or prefer to bring in the experts, then Shaw Garden Cares are confident that they will be able to reduce, control or even eradicate the problem completely.

Feed Your Ravenous Lawn

As your lawn has been idle for most of the winter months, come springtime it’s in desperate need of some nourishment to help boost growth, enhance its strength and encourage that deep green colour. We have created our own specialist spring lawn feed which contains professionally developed, high nitrogen granules. These dedicated particles deliver nutrients to the soil and don’t need to be watered into the lawn, like many of the other products available on the domestic market. Our spring lawn feed will also help to combat any weeds or moss infestations.

After moss and/or weeds have been successfully removed from the lawn, our Lawn Care Experts can apply an overseeding treatment. Overseeding will help to repair the damaged areas of your lawn after the vigorous processes of scarification and aeration. Another benefit of overseeding is that it will encourage better quality grass varieties which can also help to lower the damage caused by lawn disease, moss and weeds, while improving the colour and appearance of your lawn.

At Shaw Garden Care we offer a professional service which will ensure optimum results and often works out cheaper than DIY. Visit our seasonal or annual essential treatment pages to see how we can help you get the best out of your lawn this spring! For further information, or to speak to a dedicated Greensleeves Lawn Care Expert, call us today on 07455 136472

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