Spring Lawn Treatment in Cheshire

Spring Lawn Treatment in Cheshire

Spring lawn treatment in Cheshire is not easy as it looks. Do you find buying lawn care products from your local garden centre or B & Q expensive? Not sure which products you actually need to apply or when to apply them? Have you applied lawn treatments to your Cheshire Lawn and found that you have done more damage than good? Have you killed the grass instead of the weeds? If the answer to any one of these questions is yes then why not let your local Lawn Care expert help you.

Shaw garden Care is based in Sale, We cover lawn care throughout Cheshire and South Manchester. We have years of experience working on golf course and of applying treatments, weedkiller, moss killer and pest control to you and your domestic lawn and also offer services such as scarification, to remove moss and thatch from your lawn, and hollow tine aeration, to aid with drainage and movement of nutrients and air around the root of your grass.

We offer bespoke lawn treatments that will significantly improve the grass in your Cheshire lawn at a fraction of the cost of high street products. They are also applied by trained operatives who have experience of all aspects of lawn care.

For further information and to book your free Shaw Garden Care survey you can CONTACT us on 07455136472 or email info@shawgardencare.co.uk. You won’t be disappointed.

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