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So what is Hollow-tine aeration?

Hollow tine aeration is the machine process of punching thousands of holes in the surface of the lawn and then pulling large cigar shaped cores of soil from your lawn.

So what is Hollow-tine aeration?

Aeration reduces moss, thatch and compaction. It will also improve drainage and stimulates healthy root growth. Unlike other lawn care company’s we remove the cores from the lawn, coterie to what other company’s might tell you the ground here in the Cheshire is mainly clay &clay does not break down into top soil/top dressing Aeration combined with the feeding and weeding of your lawn will vastly improve its health and vitality.

Hollow tine aerating a bowling green.

Removing the Cores from the green.

Shaw Garden and Lawn care are contracted to do hollow tine aeration and solid tine aeration for bowling clubs, If bowling clubs use our services imagine what we can do for your lawns.

Solid tine aeration.

A lawn very rarely benefits from solid tine aeration opposed to hollow tine aeration however like everything in life it serves a purpose when used as deemed necessary.

Such times might well be when a area is in regular use such as a bowling green or golf green during the season when the playing surface is getting a bit to compact and would benefit from some light TLC, other occasions could well be in dry spells and your lawn is becoming hydrophobic (not letting water penetrate through the top surface when we get some rain or you use the hose pipe) by punching thousands of holes into the lawn water & other products like fertiliser can then get into the roots.

If you were to hollow tine a lawn in dry warm conditions the lawn could well start to crack between the holes making any issues you had worse, that’s why we give advice and recommendations free of charge.

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