How to Recover Your Lawn After an Extended Drought

Recover Your Lawn After the Drought Period?

What a summer! At the time of writing, we've now gone 7 weeks with less that a millimetre of rainfall, and with maximum temperatures consistently between 23 and 30c. In most cases our lawns are running on empty. So what things should we do  in order to restore some order in the coming weeks and months.




Keep your blades high - just mow to keep the lawn tidy, free of debris, weed and seed heads. When rain does return, continue to be generous with the mowing height in order for the plant to trap as much moisture as possible. Temperatures are often still high through September. Give the grass it's best opportunity of trapping any dew and light showers.



Given the grass has largely shut down at the moment, it will take a lot of water to convince it to transfer food reserves back to the leaf of the plant. Watering is going to be beneficial to get the best from your lawn now, but from an environmental standpoint you may wish to wait. Watering would be most effective when rain is nearby again as a concentrated effort.

Fertiliser Application (August)

DIY products, unless well-watered in will scorch your lawn. We use a fully coated, non-scorch product as part of our late-summer treatment. The product will sit dormant with your lawn until irrigated or rain returns. It's not going to work miracles right away, but it will give your lawn it's best chance of recovery at the soonest possible opportunity. We're just making a start with these applications now.

Scarification (September / October)

Many of the individual grass plants will be starting to regenerate, hooray! However, dependent on the work that is being put in and the weather, this could be a slow and patchy process. There will be many dead leaves within the lawn that will have died back towards the soil, contributing to thatch production. In order for the soil to best benefit from water and nutrients we must keep thatch to a minimum. If your lawn could have done with scarifying anyway, this autumn is going to be the perfect time to Contact us.

Aeration (October - November)

Aeration will be vital for the recovery of tired lawns. If bobbing for the minimum recovery plan, a hollow-tine aeration and an autumn fertiliser application would be the way to go. Hollow-tinning removes a small plug of soil with every hole the machine makes allowing us to relieve compaction from a busy summer, and introduce air and water to the roots. Being completed in mid-late autumn, there is no risk of the sun drying out the root system, but every risk of plenty of water giving your lawn exactly what it needs! Combined with a fertiliser application stimulating further root growth, your lawn will be well on its way to recovery.

We utilise specialist machinery, products and qualified staff which will not be in the back of your garage. we can help with the above.

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