A Herb a day keeps the doctor away

The thing about nature is that it never stops surprising and providing for us. The only limiting factor for us as human beings is our current lack of knowledge. If you have seen the TV show 'Eat Well For Less' with Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin, you will have seen how through education of the subjects on the show, they considerably reduce annual food bills and eat healthier, enough to go on holiday over the winter. How about that?

There are of course more subtle psychological advantages for taking this creative step. Picture the happy children with parents eating at the dining table, talking about their day. Surely a slight improvement from a grunt or a twitter message.

Of course nature doesn't have all the answers; in health we are constantly challenged by cancers, heart disease and HIV amongst many others. And science in itself is always amazing and I admire anyone who works in any area of research and development to improve animal and plant life. But nature, in her wisdom, still has many hidden secrets.

Herbs are a part of a lot of lives in the kitchen, if I said Coriander to you, you may suggest using it in Indian or Spanish based cuisine. And you are right of course. But would you know that Lavender has antiseptic properties which can be used on cuts and bruises? Or that Peppermint can help with headaches. All we need is the education and we can all save more and use less, slowly but surely

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