Monthly Archives: February 2018

Spring Lawn Treatment in Cheshire

Spring Lawn Treatment in Cheshire Spring lawn treatment in Cheshire is not easy as it looks. Do you find buying lawn care products from your local garden centre or B & Q expensive? Not sure which products you actually need to apply or when to apply them? Have you applied lawn treatments to your Cheshire Lawn…
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Why Use an Independent Lawn Care Firm?

Taken from our friends at the UK Lawn care Association on the advantages of using an independent lawn care provider, rather than a franchised lawn care firm. Bespoke lawn care programmes tailored to meet your lawn's specific needs – independents have the flexibility over programmes and packages and timing as they answer only to the customer, not a…
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Christmas truly Over! its now February

Christmas is over, Its now Febuary and there may be little signs of spring in your garden: daffodils poking upwards, snowdrops blooming bravely and lawns looking, well, to put it politely, mossy. The lawn needs attention for the coming seasons, just as your perennials, shrubs and borders do. Shaw Garden Care can sort that moss…
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