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Based in Sale,Cheshire We offer a complete Lawn care service

to both domestic and commercial clients

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We understand that your lawn are an important part of your home
Reflecting the type of person your are,
often the first focal point viewed by visitors

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We also provide lawn cutting service and will mow your lawn

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Welcome to Shaw Garden Care

Based in Sale, South Manchester, We offer a complete lawn care service to both the domestic and commercial client, our services include, Lawn feed and weed program, Lawn aeration both hollow tine and solid tine, lawn scarification to remove moss and thatch, lawn mowing and weed / moss control of hard standing/patio areas.

Why Choose Shaw Garden Care?

We understand that your lawns are an important part of your home reflecting the type of person you are, often the first focal point viewed by visitors.

Shaw Garden Care  are not a franchise.

Shaw Garden Care do not use combined weed and feeds like you buy from DIY stores, because each lawn is different when we visit your property we do a lawn analysis and this will determine what feeds and separate weed control products we will apply.

Because circumstances can change we do not put people under contact or sell services such as water retention products to then find we have a wet year like 2012 and the product was not necessary.

We only advice on a product/service if we feel it would be in your lawns best interest.

For Shaw Garden Care to purchase professional lawn feeds and weed control products for application to your lawn we have to have a licence.

If you would like your lawns looking nice, strong and green contact Shaw Garden Care for a free none obligation quotation. If you would like your lawns looking nice, strong and green contact Shaw Garden Care ✉ for a free none obligation quotation.

Weed and feed

Overseeding of an existing lawn is a recognised essential part of annual lawn maintenance.

Lawn Aeration

Hollow tine aeration is the machine process of punching thousands of holes in the surface of the lawn and then pulling large cigar shaped cores of soil from your lawn.

Lawn Scarification

Scarification effectively removes thatch build-up by "power raking" the lawn turf. This allows air and nutrients to reach the root system again.


Be it an old worn out lawn you want re-turfing or a new area you require a lawn installing we are the company to use.

lawn care service

Lawn Care

What can we do for your lawn?

  • Spring treatment; The long hard winter is behind us now.lets start getting your lawn into shape.
  • Early summer treatment; With this treatment you will start seeing the benefits of our Bespoke lawn care.
  • Summer treatment; This treatment is the one we have to assess all conditions prior to deciding which of the many products available is best suited to your lawn.

More About Lawn Care

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Client Satisfaction - 10/10

Everything we do is for you and your garden.

Reliability - 10/10

Our reliability is second to none.

Value for money - 10/10

SGC provide a garden care service that value for money.

Highly Knowledgeable - 10/10

Highly skilled, very experienced garden care team.

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